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Donor Opportunities

I would reword to sound more like an invitation to become one of our “Regular Donors” by becoming a Norma’s Neighbor / Nu HOME Champion. 


We would like to ask you to consider becoming a regular supporter of Nu HOME by setting up a recurring contribution through your financial institution.


Norma’s Neighbors

Donor gives $120-$300+ per year ($10-$25 per month)

To become a Norma’s Neighbor we invite you to donate $120-$300+ per year. This category is named in honor of Norma Owens, after whom Nu HOME’s first house, which opened in 1996, is named. This house was purchased with a gift from First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, in honor of Norma and Bob Owens as they were retiring after many years working with the church ministry.


Choices’ Champions

Donor gives $1,000+ per year 

To become a Nu HOME’s Champion we invite you to donate $1,000+ or more per year. This category is for donors who are able to make a larger commitments to offer hope, opportunity, motivation and empowerment to the residents we serve.

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